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Electro-Magnetic Guitar Pickups

An Insight into Volume, Tone and Connecting Pickups

(2003, 2008, 2011 - )

Why you Don't Need Valve Pre-Amplifiers

If you have ever wondered why audio freaks clamour for valve-based microphone pre-amplifiers then the simple answer is that these valve amplifiers produce a considerable amount of even harmonic distortion and consequently the sound is "pleasant".  This 5 page paper provides an insight into the ins and outs of pre-amplifiers.

 Connecting Humbucker Windings

If you ever wish to change the timbre of an electric guitar then switching pickups is a ‘very first’ consideration, and inevitably all electric guitars have a switch (or two) on them to facilitate the choice of pickup position (Bridge, Mid, Neck), and/or the facility to parallel connect these pickups – and the range of timbres is amazing – but little understood. This 12 page paper provides the insides on what happens when you connect Humbucker (PAF) windings.  PAF by the way stands for "Patent Applied For"!












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